Great...a jobless recovery...wonder why?

We are now hearing more and more about this "jobless recovery". I am not an economist but it seems to me that this was inevitable at some point. How can we have job growth when our jobs are being shipped overseas and have been for years? How can we expect to earn $ 25.00-$ 30.00 per hour when businesses can just move out and pay $ 200.00 per month to employees? Great for their bottom line, crap for us. It seems to me that eventually, we will lose most of our good jobs and then we will be left with the low paying fast food
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jobs dishing out burgers and such from the dollar menu. What did we expect? Businesses are out for their bottom line, CEO pays and to take care of the stockholder (owners) of the business. If that means laying of or eliminating 2,000,000 jobs to go from a small profit to a large one, then so be it. We will soon have the second largest economy in the world and China will become the major economic powerhouse. We owe them trillions for buying our debt and there seems to be no end in sight. It only stands to reason that they will become the major power military wise also. To me, this is a scary thought, but because of the way things are, we are powerless to stop it. The reality is, we are in for a long rocky road. As the economy continues to improve (can it really be improving with continued job losses?) we are stick in anemic growth while China heads for double digit growth. We use less fuel and they need more every day than they needed the day before. The result? The price of fuel goes up because they can pay more while we can't afford it.  I don't know if you noticed but they found a huge reserve of natural gas off of the coast of Australia. It is expected to offer significant supplies for 40 years. In the same announcement, it is already contracted to be sold to China, Japan and
South Korea. I have read that practically every great nation has fallen from within. Looks like history may repeat itself while Washington again sits in gridlock. When two parties have control, not much gets done. When one party is in control, not much gets done. We struggle to get jobs when we still ship work overseas to cheaper labor. Things will be looking up a bit though, when China starts living so well and their conformable mode of living and greed makes their companies ship jobs overseas for the cheaper labor, maybe we can go from fast food to manufacturing for the Chinese at minimum wage. Scary times for us indeed.