Prejudice or an individuals right to refuse service?

In Louisiana a Justice of the Peace has refused to grant a marriage license to an interracial couple saying that the marriages don't last and the kids have a tough time.  The article is here
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What is at stake here? First we have an elected official who refused to do his job and discriminated against a couple because of the color of their skin didn't match. He should be booted out and have to pay the couple 3.5 million in damages to them and their kids as well as go to diversity classes and have to move in with Jesse Jackson for a year


He should be allowed to marry anyone that he wants to. Just like a Doctor that doesn't believe in abortion should have the right to refuse to perform them. There are plenty of other Doctors that will do abortions and plenty of other folks that will marry anyone for a few bucks.

The JP claims that he is not prejudiced and he marries black couples as well as white as long as they pass his litmus test. What does he do with light skinned folks, quiz them? How about Latinas or Asians?  It amazes me that this kind of thing exists. I remember growing up in the north and having friends that were just that...friends.
We are not born prejudiced, we are either taught it or taught to not be. I grew up with friends of all backgrounds and thought nothing of it because that is the way I was raised. I don't care if you are black or white, red, green, brown or purple. If someone looks down on you because of the color of your skin, they are ignorant. Prejudice is just another way of saying that someone fells superior to you and it comes from all races. What is racism? Simply put...ignorance. The nice thing is that I see it losing ground with every generation. I remember back in 1967, I lost a brother when he drowned in a local lake at the age of 18. One of his best friends, a black man, came and ask my mother if he could attend the funeral. My mothers response, "not only had you better attend, but I want you to help carry my son to his grave." My mom has been gone for years now, but that is how I grew up and I thank her for it. No matter the color of your skin, if you hate another race, you are losing out on an opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people. Too bad for you.

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