5 Kids set another on fire and laugh

After 18 years in law enforcement and seeng people at their best and worst, some things still shock me and totally piss me off. In case you haven't heard, 5 kids in Florida we arrested for setting another juvenile on fire. Here is the article from CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/13/florida.teen.burned/index.html
My question is...what do we do with these kids? It certainly looks like this was well planned and the actors had the rubbing alcohol ready. Now they will go into the juvenile or maybe even the adult system and learn to be better and smarter criminals. I'm sorry, but they need to go away for a long long time. It disgusts me that we release prisoners that should never see the light of day again because of budgetary constraints. I totally support this post located at http://washingtonmess.com/jailplan.php.
I think that we need to stop letting our victims be victimized forever and throw away the trash in this society. For instance with rapists. Again I say that they should NEVER be let out of jail. Those that sexually assault kids should NEVER BE LET OUT OF JAIL. You want to be liberal when it comes to the death penalty, that is fine with me as long as our tax dollars don't have to pay for the inmates. They kill, rape, rob, steal and we pay for their health care when we have millions that can't afford it. What is wrong with this picture??

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