It drives me absolutely nuts!!

Phillip Garrido is his name and all he has dome was kidnap a girl 18 years ago and keep her as a sex slave in his California backyard. But wait, it gets better. In the 70's he kidnapped and rapes a girl named Katherine Callaway. He did a whole 17 years of what should have been a 55 year sentence. The victim told police then that Garrido handcuffed her, taped her mouth, tied her up and drove to a mini-storage warehouse in Reno. Garrido then dragged the woman into one of the units, which he'd decked out with rugs on the floor and walls -

and equipped with pornographic magazines, a movie projector, marital aids, a spotlight, wine and hot water. He did 17 years! The victim is undoubtedly paying for this encounter for her whole life. I'm sorry, you cannot rehab a sexual deviate like Garrido and all we are doing is asking for more victims. At the very least, he should have never seen the outside of the prison walls. Forcible rapes and kidnapping should be no chance of parole penalties with a lot more serious sentences. Is it because of the fact that women are the typical rape victim? The system has a lot of explaining to do to Jaycee Dugard and her family. I'd want the creep dead...sorry. When do victims get to stop being the victims?!?!

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